Not Your Typical Armor Company

ArmorWorks is dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative protective technologies and products for today’s needs and tomorrow’s threats. In fact, our research and development of critical technology for class-leading survivability systems pioneered many of the advanced composite armor, breach, and blast technologies in service today.


ArmorWorks’ proven lightweight composite armor protects more than 3,000 infantry vehicles, effectively preventing armor piercing ballistic threats.

Seating Systems

Our advanced seating systems provide superior protection and durability while allowing users to configure seats based on comfort and/or mission profile.


Our patented highly secure doors, vaults, and structures protect people and sensitive materials from bullets, blasts, and forced entry.

Featured Programs & Products

Payload Transport Replacement

The Payload Transport Replacement (PTR) vehicle for the U.S. Air Force transports highly valuable assets over public roads while protecting passengers and payloads from ballistic, explosive, and forced entry threats. Meeting the Air Force’s extremely stringent requirements and specifications, the PTR features an armored cab and blast/forced entry resistant cargo containment system.


Lighter and significantly stronger than traditional ballistic glass, ArmorVision provides superior protection, durability, and increased situational awareness. The system delivers a 60°-120° field of view live feed of the outside environment by utilizing two external HD cameras, one touch switching with Ruggedized low-latency High Definition LED HD display.


TactiCam is a highly durable camouflage system utilizing the latest in materials, coatings, and engineered geometry to reduce a vehicle’s signature across multiple spectrums. An advanced passive signature management system, TactiCam is tailored to each specific vehicle’s and customer’s signature reduction needs, delivering maximum mission success.

We Are


A pioneering defense and security company, ArmorWorks’ capabilities go beyond basic manufacturing. At ArmorWorks, our team develops, designs, manufactures, tests, and qualifies our products from start to finish, working with customers and OEMs to produce the highest quality, most successful final product available.

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